Training Programmes for Management Consultants

As a service to industry and the professions, the IMC has been running a part-time independent study programme leading to the award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (D.M.S) with special emphasis on management consulting since 1985. Only candidates who hold a first degree or equivalent qualification are accepted for the Diploma Programme.

The Institute's DMS is accepted for advanced entry into St Clements University MBA and Doctoral Degree Programmes ( The Commonwealth University College and The Island University Belize, accepts transfer credits of the IMC Diploma for the MBA Programme ( The central idea of these graduate programmes is to develop the IMC as a renowned management research Institute and to document and publish ideas of value to professionals.

The Institute publishes a Newsletter, Journal and occasional papers. The Marketing of Management Consultancy Services which is the first authoritative work on consultancy in Nigeria is published by the Institute. The Project and Dissertation Writer's Guide, New Trends in Business Consulting (Which has a Japanese translation) and Matters Arising (a publication containing presentations on economic policy and consultancy issues) are also published by the Institute. The most recent publication of IMC is the Successful Consultants Handbook. The Directory of Management Consultants, listing individuals and organisations associated with or offering management consultancy services is in the pipeline.

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