Agile Project Management in Consulting: A Transformative Approach
The consulting industry is rapidly evolving, and Agile project management has emerged as a transformative force. Agile methodologies, originally conceived in software development, have proven their value...
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IMC March Programme flier
Nomination for February IMC Fellowship Induction and CMC Certification Seminar
Read the Invitation Letter below, and follow the link at the bottom to get yours   Dear {Name of the Invitee},   NOMINATION FOR FELLOWSHIP AND INVITATION TO ATTEND CMC CERTIFICATION SEMINAR I...
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AI and a Consultant
THE FUTURE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: Embracing Digital Transformation and the Role of Artificial Intelligence
Management Consulting is undergoing a strategic transformation. With advancements in digital technologies and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), consultants must adapt to remain relevant and provide...
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10th CMC International Conference in Amman,
Jordan-October, 2023
ICMCI is holding its 10th CMC International Conference in Amman, Jordan on 12-13 October 2023! The conference will follow the Annual Meeting of Delegates which will also be held in Amman, Jordan on 11–...
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Join the CMC-Global Directory
Join the CMC-Global Directory ICMCI has launched the CMC-Global directory service, once you are registered following the procedures, your name and profile will appear on the CMC-Global directory. Only...
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