Membership Benefits

Management consulting is a business of great professionalism and importance. Perhaps the main benefit of becoming an M.I.M.C is the provision of recognition that denotes a high level of professional competence and performance standard. The designatory letters indicate that the holder has acquired the basic professional education and standards laid down by the Institute. M.I.M.C is increasingly being recognised by consultants and clients as the true mark of professionalism in management consulting. Members of the IMC who meet ICMCI standards may also apply for the CMC Certification. There are other benefits to be gained by members. These include the following:

  1. A direct involvement with a growing body of senior professionals.
  2. A unique opportunity for self-development: IMC members have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas with experienced consultants so as to update and expand their consulting skills. This is an on-going programme that involves capsulating new ideas and procedures in all phases of management consulting.
  3. Access to Information and services: IMC headquarters office and full time staff serve as a clearing-house of information on consulting strategies and techniques. A journal, newsletter and special research reports keep members informed about emerging issues in the profession, locally and internationally.
  4. Client Information: As a service to clients, IMC maintains extensive files on management consultants, and provides information regarding consultants with particular skills. M.I.M.Cs are usually cited for client selection because their credentials are known.
  5. MIMCs are qualified to apply for the CMC international qualification provided they have achieved 35 Credit Hours of continuing Education in a year.
  6. The Satisfaction of helping a good cause: Members esteem integrated contribution to the development of their profession through support of the IMC, a voluntary self-regulating body of professionals.
  7. � Networking Opportunities: IMC members can network among themselves as well as with consultants in other countries through the ICMCI of which the IMC is a member