Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

CMC stands for Certified Management Consultant. As a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), the IMC can grant its members who meet the ICMCI standards the internationally recognised CMC certification. Management Consultants involved in transnational consulting assignments would find this a most useful additional qualification. Details are available on request. The appellation of CMC can not be used after one’s name even if he or she is a member of IMC, unless appropriate assessment and approval has been done by IMC in consonance with ICMCI.

Continuing Education Programmes

The Council of the Institute has put in place a Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP). Through this programme, members are expected to keep their knowledge and skills at the leading edge by demonstrating involvement and competencies in diverse areas of consulting. The CPDP has been integrated with the ICMCI Quality standards qualification – CMC – which is granted to members of the consulting profession who meet the ICMCI international standards.

CMC Certification

As an Accredited Member of the ICMCI, the IMC has the authority of the global body to audit and accredit training programmes for CMC Certification. The CMC Qualification is reciprocally recognised in over 40 Member Countries that are represented in the ICMCI including USA, UK, Japan, Germany, India, China, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands.